Wide Equipale Cushioned Leather Chairs "set of 2"

Wide Equipale Cushioned Leather Chairs "set of 2"


The Equipales furniture collection brings with it a remarkable Mexican rustic style. Crafted from premium grain tanned pig leather, strips of Mexican rosewood and sweetwood, this handmade rustic leather upholstery is durable and comfortable. For your home bar, patio or family room, Equipal furniture will create a rustic or southwestern atmosphere with classic and authentic Mexican charm.

My Equipales are the original ones, the wood we use is- palo de rosa, palo dulce, and top grain pig leather.
Nothing but the highest quality in our materials to assure durability. I know that myself, as much as the next person, don't want the knock offs.
Even if they look the same, a knock off Equipal has Cedar, "Encino" Oak native to Mexico and guacima wood, with the lowest quality part of the pigskin, those dont last more than 5 years. as opposed to our originals that are rated for 10-20- even 30 years of durability with the proper maintnance.

Since each piece of Equipales furniture is handmade from all natural materials, expect slight variations in color and size.

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