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About Us.

 We are a small family owned and operated company based in Wheat Ridge Colorado, known for our unique line of live edge furniture, incorporated with a rustic yet modern look that is 100% handcrafted here in our shop. 

Our Work.

Here at Made In Madera we start with raw uneven slabs that are then hand worked and sanded to a  smooth and level finish.  All  our products are made by mother nature herself but are 100% hand worked.          

We do not manipulate any crease, crack, knot hole, or void that  the slab has to offer, instead, we work around them and fill as much as  we can with epoxy resin to keep that natural beauty.

We have a  variety of epoxy colors for you to choose from. We also offer custom  made hand cut glass to fit perfectly on any hole in the live edge slab  instead of epoxy.

Our Product.

When it comes to our live edge furniture we like to drift  from the ordinary, our main product, (dining/conference tables)

consist of the beautiful Parota/Guanacaste tree which is rated as extremely durable wood. 

All of our live edge tables and furniture are ONE  solid piece and we NEVER glue pieces together to make a whole piece.

Handcrafted Rustic Door Collection.

Original Equipale Leather Chairs.